Medicine: Arm-In-Arm, Inc. is a “Charity for Children” that takes mobile dental clinics to difficult areas of the world. We work with local officials and orphanage administrators to obtain authorization to “reach out” to kids, 6-16 years old, who have no access to restorative dental care or preventative dental education. Medicine: Arm-In-Arm is only fifteen years old. We began our work in Russia and have slowly managed to grow.  We now serve areas including South Africa, Swaziland, and Armenia.

We form “Teams” of volunteer dentists that do the restorative work using our completely equipped portable clinic.  All dentists are currently licensed and practicing dentists in the USA, Finland, South Africa, and Swaziland.  Volunteers work tirelessly to remove infection and decay from thousands of young mouths!

Our teams perform emergency restorative procedures to remove the massive burden of infections within the mouth thus helping to restore the critical function of the child’s immune system. Each child is professionally assessed and typically receives 3-5 procedures, as necessary, including fillings, extractions, and (when unavoidable) even oral surgery.

We want to restore the child’s dental health, restore their beautiful smile, and restore their ability to have a normal life.

If you are looking for information on volunteer opportunities, donating funds or equipment, or helping out in other ways, please contact Dorothy Steinert.

We encourage anyone with a passion for children or the work of dentistry to consider joining us in one of our on-site clinical expeditions!

We also encourage you to visit the ADA Foundation International Volunteer page listed here. This page shows a map containing the locations we have reached, some information on volunteering, and will also include any upcoming expeditions planned.