Each destination that Medicine: Arm-in-Arm reaches out to is carefully chosen. So far, we have been successful in traveling to four different places around the world! These locations include the following: The Kingdom of Swaziland (located in South Africa), Armenia, Russia, and Siberia.

Swaziland, Africa – March 2016
On our trip in March 2016 to Swaziland, Africa there over 1,000 children were evaluated and 400 of them received treatments in the clinic in just four days! Our dentists work with great dedication and effort with the help of their assistants to improve the overall health of these children. Each part of the team chosen to go on the expedition is a hard-working, loving, and nurturing individual.

The link provided below is a video made by Rotary International, sponsors Medicine: Arm-in-Arm. They traveled to the expedition located in Russia and captured footage of the work done there, as well as described the need for dentists by children living in poverty and how the work done will change their lives forever.
Rotary International video from Russia expedition.